4th Annual

CHEWs Amateur TRI

(Registration ends June 23rd for 6 week fitness challenge)

Competition Day is August 2nd 2014







In an effort to promote a better and healthier lifestyle, Chase County Community Hospital and the

CHEWs Health Wellness program will be hosting a "CHEWs it or lose it" Amateur Triathlon

along with the Fitness Challenge (Triathlon in 6 weeks) program.  The Registration can be found below.


This event is open to anyone in the public, and can be a fun and competitive way to get in shape.

If your interested please take a look at our Brochure to get started.  If you decide to sign up, please

send in the brochure and a check for the appropriate amount.

Every competitor will be eligible for prizes and will receive a T-Shirt.



Put your company to the test and compete against other local businesses.

The winning business will get bragging rights and a traveling trophy!


Registration has begun, and ends June 23rd


*Fitness Challenge Dates: June 23rd - August 2nd

(*See Triathlon Brochure below for more information)


Competition Date and Time:

August 2nd 9:00 AM MT

Registration: 7:30 - 8:30 AM MT

Registration and information:
CHEWs Amateur Tri & 6 Week Triathlon Brochure
Triathlon Waiver Form
Fitness Challenge Info and Progress Form:
Fitness Challenge Information
Fitness Challenge Progress Form
Please Check the Local Info page for information on recreational centers, pools, parks, etc.

Julie Levy


at Chase County Hospital for more information



CHEWs Tri Maps & Info:

(Interactive Maps Below)

CHEWs Tri Bike Route:

(Twice through and back to start line)

Bike route 1010673 - powered by Bikemap 

  CHEWs Tri Run Route:

(Once through and then on to pool)

Bike route 1010670 - powered by Bikemap 

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