CHEWs 4 Month Department Weight Loss Challenge

(January 1st - April 30th)


Loose those winter pounds and compete department against departments at Chase County Community Hospital


Looking to loose those winter pounds?  How about a work friendly departmental competition to see who can shed those pounds? 

Starting January, each department will set their goal for the weight they want to loose.  A healthy weight loss consists of 3-5 pounds a month.

Department Progress Page


Good luck to everyone and the departments, keep in touch with the wellness team to see updated results as they are turned in.  If anyone needs advice on diet or workout plans check in with the wellness team or CHEWs website.  We wish everyone good luck!



Tips for weight loss!

1. Diet!  Loosing pounds begins in the kitchen, and no amount of exercise can make up for a bad diet.

2. Recovery!  Drink lots of water, but make sure you supplement your diet with nutrients.

3. Mirror or Scale?  The scale can be quite deceiving.  Take before and after pictures and keep an eye on the mirror.  Water weight and muscle can easily throw off the scale.

4. Winter workouts?  Finding the time and place for winter workouts can be tough, but there are many indoor low to high intensity workouts that can get your blood flowing.  Try any numerous product from Beachbody, they are quality programs that require little if any equipment.

5. Change it up!  A routine usually always ends with a plateau.  Keep changing your routine to keep your body fit for loosing pounds.  

6. Heart Rate!  An elevated heart rate burns calories long after a workout.

7. Muscle needs feed!  The more muscle the more calories you burn naturally.  The scale might say different, but the mirror will tell otherwise.


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