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 4th Annual

CHEWs Amateur TRI

(Registration ends June 23rd for 6 week fitness challenge)

Competition Day is August 2nd 2014



Mission Statement:

The Chase Healthcare Employee Wellness Program (CHEWs Health) is to encourage employees to become more aware of, and make choices toward a healthy lifestyle, to establish a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, and decrease stress at work.  CHEWs Health is an effort to provide employees with the opportunity to improve their "well being," with multiple objectives in this program.



Providing wellness education through the CHEWs Health website linked to the CCCH website, Lunch and Learns and special events.
B. Provide an onsite workstation with exercise equipment and a Wellness Break Policy allowing paid time for employees to better their health.
C. Providing healthy snacks to employees.


1.  Increase employees awareness of healthy behaviors and available health resources through the CHEWs Health website and Handouts

2.  Increase healthy food options for employees.

3.  Adopt and implement worksite wellness programs that promote physical activity.

4.  To establish guidelines for promoting a stress free work environment.


Looking to Help?

If your interested in joining the CHEWS Health Committee, please contact Larissa Gerhartz or Julie Neighbors.