Specialty Clinics

Chase County Community Hospital is proud to provide local access to top medical specialists in a wide range of disciplines. Advanced medical care is available right here in town.

Current visiting specialties include:

Anesthesia & Pain Management

Dr. Samuel R. Sims, CRNA, DNP, MNA



Dr. Iyad Azzam, M.D.
Platte Valley Medical Group
Kearney, NE

Dr. Rick Heirigs, M.D.
Nebraska Heart Institute
North Platte, NE


Dr. Satya Nelluri, M.D.
Great Plains Heart & Vascular
North Platte, NE 


Dr. Daniel Mosel, M.D.
Greater Nebraska Dermatology   
North Platte, NE

 Ear Nose and Throat

Dr. Philip Fitzpatrick, M.D.
Fitzpatrick Ear Nose and Throat Clinic   
North Platte, NE

General Surgery

Dr. Brendon Curtis, M.D.
Great Plains General Surgery      
North Platte, NE

Dr. Lawrence Davis, M.D.
University of Colorado Health      
Loveland, CO

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Michael Bianco, M.D.
North Platte Obstetrics & Gynecology    
North Platte, NE

Oncology & Hematology 

Dr. Ifran Viziri, M.D.
Great Plains Callahan Cancer Center         
North Platte, NE


Dr. Michael Hajek, M.D.         
Greeley, CO

Joel McReynolds, PA-C
New West Sports Medicine        
Kearney, NE


Dr. Robert Hinze, DPM                
High Plains Podiatry
McCook, NE


Dr. Richard Schmidt, M.D.          
Denver, CO

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