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CCCH Employees Provide New TVs For Hospital

Heather Schoenholz, Barry Marshall and Tiffany Allen, members of the CCH Foundation Employee Giving Fund, stand next to one of the new flat screen TVs purchased by donations from CCCH employees.

The employees at Chase County Community Hospital and Clinic not only provide their labor and expertise in meeting the health care needs of our community, they also dig deep to help with improvements in the facility where they work.

The most recent improvements involve two new flat screen televisions in the Emergency
Room waiting area and the Specialty Clinic waiting area. The TV's in those areas were small and beginning to show their age. During a meeting of the Employee Giving Fund, it was decided to purchase the TVs for these two areas. Another TV will also be purchased for the main clinic area but is on hold until the best location relative to power and cable are determined.

The employees also purchased a Magnetic Bug Life table for the clinic in Imperial. This provides entertainment for small children to who are waiting to see a provider or are with parents who have an appointment.

The Employee Giving Fund was established in 2010 to give employees the opportunity to donate to the Chase County Hospital Foundation. Currently 42 staff members give on a monthly basis through payroll deduction. A few others make annual donations. Over the past two years, the employees have donated over $6,000 towards improvements at the hospital and clinic.

Decisions on how the money is used are made by the employees who donate to the fund. The only stipulations are that funds must be used for the benefit of patients, employees and the health care system in general.

"This is a real testament to the dedication of our staff members at CCCH. Giving to this fund is completely voluntary and I think it makes a statement about how our staff cares for the hospital, clinic and patients we serve," stated Randy Vlasin, Executive Director of the Chase County Hospital Foundation.