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Michelle Pursley, left, and Tami Bartels are registered nurses and certified chemotherapy/bio-therapy nurses. They are seen here standing beside the new Biological Safety Cabinet inside the hospital’s new chemotherapy services area. (Johnson Publications photo)


    Chase County Hospital has been providing quality chemotherapy services to patients for at least 20 years. With rapidly changing regulations and requirements, the hospital is now providing new equipment and a dedicated space solely for this service.
    The chemotherapy area is comprised of two separate rooms, a “clean room” and a patient treatment room.
    The clean room is an enclosed, sterile space specifically for preparation of the medication. This room houses the new Biological Safety Cabinet which creates a clean air-controlled environment for the safe preparation of hazardous drugs.
    The hazardous drugs can build up and affect the health of medical staff working inside the preparation room. The air exchanges within the clean room equipment, filters any hazardous drug particles,  therefore protecting the staff, said Wendi Nordhausen, R.N., pharmacy coordinator for the hospital.
    The medications are mixed inside the unit, under a hood providing continuous negative pressure which removes any dangerous particles, she said.
    The patient treatment room has a big, comfortable chemo- chair for patients, books to read, patient education information and availability for watching movies. Patients can have an individual stay with them during treatment if they wish.
    There are two nurses who will be working in the chemotherapy area providing treatment for patients. They are Tami Bartels and Michelle Pursley. Both of these women are certified chemotherapy/bio-therapy registered nurses.
    “We’re here to offer this service to patients for their convenience so travel to other locations for treatment isn’t necessary,” said Bartels.

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