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Cyboron Named Hospital CEO

    The Chase County Community Hospital board looked internally for their new CEO, appointing Chief Financial Officer Abby Cyboron to the position last week.
    She has been serving as the interim CEO since early October.
    She brings 15 years of experience in medical management and accounting to the position, which is her first as a CEO.
    Board Chair John Burke said they are pleased to promote Cyboron.
    “We are very pleased that Abby was willing to consider the Chief Executive position.  It is a well-deserved promotion for her.
    “The board has trust in Abby’s ability to lead CCCH into the future, and to help us to provide the best possible health care for our community,” he said.
    Cyboron said she’s really excited about the opportunity to lead the hospital.
    She said the hospital has made many strides in the last five years and she sees much potential moving forward.
    “We are great,” she said, noting that fitting all the pieces together will keep the hospital great.
    She sees a plus in that the staff knows her and she knows the staff. That wouldn’t be the case if the board brought in a new CEO.
    “We’re not starting all over,” she said.

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