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Hospital’s eCARE Emergency Program Goes Live This Week


Back in May, Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) received a grant for $138,044.
This grant provides funding to connect rural patients to emergency specialists.
The Avera hub trauma center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota helped set up the new system at CCCH, and the Avera eCARE Emergency program and equipment went live Monday morning.
Training for the new equipment took place on Monday and Tuesday for staff and providers.
Avera eCARE Emergency is an innovative program using high definition audio/video equipment linking rural emergency rooms to a live centralized hub of trauma specialists 24/7.
The eCARE Emergency team consists of board certified emergency medicine physicians and experienced emergency nurses.
The CCCH patient care team determines the degree of involvement of the eCARE staff by requesting the type of support they need for each patient.
The two teams of providers and nurses work together to provide the best possible care for a patient.
Vital signs, medication, blood test results, X-rays and CTs can be viewed by the
eCARE Emergency team.
A TV screen is displayed in the emergency room with a corresponding camera on the opposite wall that can scan the entire room, zooming in for close-ups of a patient and their stats, said Deb Hrcka, assistant executive director of the Hospital Foundation.
“The audio is extremely sensitive and picks up every sound in the room,” she said.

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