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Becky Kuntzelman | Johnson Publications
Lauren Sandy of Fargo, North Dakota is a second year medical student at UNMC. She is performing her first clinicals at CCCH and clinics.

Lauren Sandy of Fargo, North Dakota started her first clinical rotation at Chase County Community Hospital and clinics this week.
She is a second year student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha, pursuing a career as a physician assistant (PA).
Sandy said she has had many positive experiences with PAs over the years, and around age 15, she started researching information about them.
“I have always wanted to have a career in the medical field, so after researching PAs, I just knew it was right for me,” she said.
She has a special interest in the area of dermatology, but is keeping her options open while doing her rotations, said Sandy.
Beginning in March, students were sent home to do their class work remotely due to COVID.
“Some students didn’t like working from home and found it hard to stay organized,” she said. “But I liked being home and having the support of my family.”
This fall, there was a change in the way the students were learning, she said.
“We were able to shift back to hands-on work,” Sandy said.
She comes from a large family who all live in Fargo. Along with her parents, she has an older sister, three younger brothers and many cousins.
Once her schooling is complete, she said she would like to work in a location close to her home.
“There are lots of smaller communities around Fargo that I would be open to working in,” Sandy said.

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