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“Clinic Champion” Plaque/Cert Rec'd

The Chase County Clinic recently received the “Clinic Champion” Plaque/Certification that will be proudly displayed in the clinic waiting area! As previously posted, we are a Clinic Champion for Infant Safe Sleep and Abusive Head Trauma/ Shaken Baby Syndrome (AHT/SBS) Prevention to decrease infant mortality. To date, we are 1 of only 3 clinics in the state of Nebraska to receive this recognition.

The Nebraska Safe Sleep Program promotes education to help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death and other sleep related deaths in babies younger than 1 year of age.

The Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome Program provides education, training and resources for the prevention of (AHT). AHT is a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant or toddler. Abusive Head Trauma is 100% preventable and is a form of physical child abuse to a baby or young child.

Pictured: Nicole Havel, PA (left) and Alicia Ridlen RN BSN (right)

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