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Matthew Musgrove Reported to New Role as CCCH's CFO

Chase County Community Hospital is pleased to announce Matthew Musgrove reported to his new role as CCCH's CFO on Monday, February 3rd! We are very excited to have Matthew as a part of our team!

Imperial FFA Support for Chase County Cancer Walk Program

Imperial FFA is an outstanding organization that supports the Chase County Cancer Walk Program sponsored by the Chase County Community Hospital and the Chase County Hospital Foundation! From 2012-2020 the Imperial FFA has donated $45,457 to this program. The Chase County Cancer Walk Program is for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or for preventative measures of cancer to anyone who LIVES…


MEGAN KELLEY, THE IMPERIAL REPUBLICANMatthew Musgrove, a 2003 Chase County Schools graduate, will start his new position as Chief Financial Officer at Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) Monday.Musgrove obtained his bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University in political science and pre-law. He is currently working on his MBA in finance and accounting, also from Fort Hays.Musgrove moved back…

What to Do with Used Sharps at Home

Director of Nursing brings 35 years of experience to position

Becky Kuntzelman, The Imperial Republican    Kelly Maronde, registered nurse (RN), is the new Director of Nursing (DON) at Chase County Community Hospital and clinics.     She brings with her over 35 years of nursing experience and 22 plus years in management positions at medical facilities.     Maronde has been employed at CCCH in the specialty clinic for the past five months.     She officially took…