Cardiac Rehab

CCCH is so excited to offer Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in our community.  The benefits of these services go far beyond improving our patients’ heart health.  They include: Strengthening the entire body, lowering the risk of hospitalization, relieving symptoms, improving quality of life and improving mood and mental health.

Our Chase County Cardiac Rehab Program was first launched in Imperial, NE in August of 1988 by Cindy Arterburn, RN. It was initially created in a satellite location and then transitioned to the current location in the hospital in 1991.  This was the first rehab program of its kind offered in Southwest Nebraska. Initially, there were 3-4 group times offered.  It has since grown to 8 group times every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in which 20-28 patients attend on a daily basis.

There are three different phases of cardiac rehab.  Phase I is inpatient cardiac rehabilitation that patients complete during their hospital stay.

Phase II rehab is physician prescribed following an acute cardiac event. This phase typically lasts approximately 3 months and is beneficial for patients who need to strengthen their heart muscles in a safe, controlled, and supervised environment. An additional benefit of Phase II cardiac rehab is that it includes a close monitoring for any subsequent cardiac changes or problems.  Finally, this phase provides patients with confidence in self-care and knowledge of a heart healthy lifestyle.

Phase III rehab is a fee-based maintenance program that is offered to patients who wish to continue to exercise in a supervised environment. Patients value and enjoy the safety of a supervised environment, exercise accountability, and availability of exercise equipment. They also appreciate the social and supportive atmosphere this program provides.

Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing is an additional Service offered by the CCCH Cardiac Rehab department every Thursday. Stress testing is provider ordered and can detect possible heart blockages.  This is beneficial for patients who are at risk for cardiac disease and having cardiac symptoms or are preparing for surgery.

If you have questions about the Cardiac Rehab services provided, please reach out to Cindy Arterburn, RN or Halley DeBusk, RN at (308) 882-7311.