Cardiac Rehab

Our cardiac rehabilitation program provides education and monitored exercise therapy for heart patients. If you are at risk of having a heart attack or if you have had a heart attack, angina, heart surgery, balloon angioplasty or other heart problems, Cardiac Rehabilitation is for you.

This three-phase program involves groups of patients who meet three days a week. Phase I is inpatient cardiac rehabilitation that patients complete during their hospital stay.

Phase II is a 6-12 week program designed to build physical strength and stamina through one-hour exercise sessions up to three times a week. Blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm are monitored throughout each session as patients exercise on treadmills, stationary bicycles and other equipment.

Phase III is an individualized program for patients who have graduated from the Phase II program, involving more independence and less supervision. The success of our Phase II program has resulted in an impressive number of patients continuing in the Phase III service, some who have attended the programs for more than five years.

Cardiac Stress Test: Chase County Community Hospital also provides stress tests on patients for cardiologists to determine heart function.

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