Emergency Services

Chase County Community Hospital is a designated level IV trauma center, which means we provide stabilization and arrange for transport for those who are critically injured. We provide a three-bed emergency room, and medical and nursing staff that is ACLS and trauma certified. Our ER is used for minor surgery in addition to trauma and emergency care. A treatment room is available for minor cases.

Contact Info: Call 308-882-7111

Emergency room care often takes longer than most patients, family members, and hospital staff would like to see.  Most patients will see a medical provider in less than thirty minutes.  We have to do the best we can for all of our patients, which often includes a process known as "triaging" patients.

It is not uncommon for there to be more than one patient visiting the ER at the same time. We try to ensure that patients with potentially life or limb threatening issues are seen first, and those with less pressing problems are often seen in order of severity. This could mean that if you're in the ER with a sprained ankle, you may have to wait a bit while patients with breathing problems, chest pain (possible heart attack), weakness (possible stroke), or fever etc. go before you.