Infusion Therapy

The Chase County Community Hospital is proud of our continually growing Infusion Therapy Department.  Infusion therapy includes administration of Chemo therapy, Immunotherapy as well as other outpatient infusions and injections.

Some of the conditions treated through infusion therapy are: Cancer, Immunodeficiencies, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, osteoporosis, Iron deficiency anemia and long-term asthma control injections, just to name a few. 

Michelle Pursley and Tami Bartels (Pictured) are the experienced Registered Nurses who went the extra step to become Certified by ONS (Oncology Nursing Society) in order to provide this high-quality care option for our patients.   They are able to coordinate with Doctors from the entire state of Nebraska along with surrounding states to provide this service to our local residents.

If you are interested in acquiring treatment closer to home, please contact Michelle Pursley RN or have your provider contact her at (308) 882-7217.