The professional nursing staff at the Chase County Community Hospital is here to serve our community 24/7 through unforeseen emergencies and inpatient hospital stays wherein the purpose is to help our patients regain their optimal strength.

The recent implementation of State-of-the-art telehealth technology has enabled our staff to provide advanced patient care right here locally. Telehealth boards have been added to rooms to provide remote visitation by out-of-town specialists and family.  This new means of communication allows visitation even when patients are in isolation.

“E-Hospitalist” and “E-ER” telehealth services are available to our providers and nurses allowing them to confer and consult with offsite ER physicians and Hospitalists as they provide patients with immediate assessments during critical needs.

A new and technologically advanced call light system has been implemented to provide ultimate communication and patient safety between patients and staff.

All of these new tools and technologies provide an efficient means for our staff to meet and exceed patient needs, but more importantly, the wonderful Nurses at the Chase County Community Hospital are skilled, certified, compassionate and committed to becoming your trusted healthcare home.

Contact Info: Call 308-882-7225 or 308-882-7227