Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy department provides a broad range of services to treat and prevent injuries and disabilities, helping our patients to achieve reduced pain, greater movement, restored function, and better healing.

A broad range of services are provided to treat and enhance the well-being of orthopedic and neurological patients. Our highly-trained and licensed physical therapists will thoroughly evaluate patients, and create a comprehensive care plan according to present activity and functions, limitations and symptoms.

Individualized programs include:

Therapeutic exercise to regain/build strength and endurance, increase flexibility and mobility, improve balance and coordination, and combat chronic pain. Our home exercise program helps patients to progress toward greater independence.

Modality treatments to relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve circulation, including the use of heat, ice, ultrasound, massage and electrical stimulation.

Our physical therapy department is located in the Chase County Clinic addition, and is open Monday through Friday.

Contact Info: Call 308-882-7243 or fax 308-882-7260