Sleep Study

The all-night sleep study is frequently used by sleep physicians to evaluate adult patients while they are sleeping. This laboratory test is extremely valuable for diagnosing and treating many sleep disorders, including neurologic disorders, movement disorders and breathing disorders at night.

For studying the quality of sleep, electrodes are applied to the scalp, sides of the head and under the chin, chest and leg. This lets us measure brain waves, heart rate, and eye movements. A sensor is placed by the nose and mouth for measurement of airflow. Belts are placed around the rib cage and abdomen for measurement of breathing movements. A clip is placed on a finger for measurement of blood oxygen levels. Other measurements may be done as required. The tests are painless and done without needles.

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You may have symptoms of sleep apnea if you experience or have been told that you have any of the following:


  1. Loud snoring
  2. Stop breathing at night or wake up chocking and/or gasping
  3. Excessive daytime sleepiness, even after a good nights rest
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Wake up with morning headaches
  6. Fall asleep at inappropriate times
  7. Overweight
  8. Fitfull or restless sleep

Do I need a prescription to schedule a sleep study?  Yes.  You will need a face-to-face visit with your medical provider to assess  your signs and symptoms of sleep related disorder.

When should I expect my results?  Your results will normally be processed within 15 business days.  If you do not hear from your provider, please call and inquire about your results.

If I test positive for obstructive sleep apnea and require a CPAP/BiPAP, where do I get my equipment?  After you are notified of your results you will be asked about your preference of home care companies in the area.  Home care companies, located within a 60 mile radius, who provide equipment are located in McCook and Ogallala, NE but we are not limited to those communities, it is ultimately your decision but we are happy to answer questions to make your decision easier.